EE382: Introduction to Design


Spring 2000 Schedule: TR 2:00pm-5:00pm in Workman 187 and 189


Mentors: Ben Hoover, Khanh Ngo, Julie Wiens

Course Objectives:

  1. Design and build a mobile robot capable of competing in the Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest or other mobile robot project approved by instructors.
  2. Develop teaming skills, oral and written communication skills, and ability to decompose large problems.

Course Prerequisites:

Topic Prerequisites:

  1. In-depth knowledge of the MC68HC12 microcontroller.
  2. Analog and digital circuit design.
  3. Principles of linear time-invariant systems.
  4. Proficiency in C programming.

Required Text: "Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation", 2nd Edition by Joseph Jones, Anita Flynn, and Bruce Seiger

Schedule of Evaluations, Presentations, Reports, and Contests:


Additional Requirements:

  1. Closed-loop speed and wall-following control
  2. Main program must be in 'C'
  3. Neat and clean final design with good connectors
  4. Each group will provide HC12 evaluation board, multimeter, logic probe, wire strippers, proto-board, and other basic tools (e.g., screwdrivers, pliers, etc.)