Dr. Aly El-Osery ee

Last Updated: April 26 2010

EE 308L Lab Grading Policy

In the laboratory sections, you will be required to keep a lab book.  The following is a list of the items expected to be included in your lab book.

  • Table of contents in the first two pages with the title of the lab and its page number.
  • Dates on all the pages.
  • Page numbers.
  • Explanation of purpose of lab (don’t just copy from the lab, use your own words).
  • Answers to questions from the lab handout.
  • Good record of what you did in lab, including source code with comments explaining what you are trying to do
  • A conclusion, summarizing the above, showing me that you understand the purpose of the lab.
  • Anyone that picks up your lab book should be able to repeat your experiments and get the same results whether they are right or wrong.

    Prelabs are worth 50 percent of your grade and they will be checked at the beginning of each lab.

    For full credit you must obtain the instructor or the TA's initials on both the prelab (at the beginning of the lab) and on the lab (by 5pm).