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EE451 Digital Signal Processing





           Lecture Outline (Not in chronological order)

  • Signals and Signal Processing (Mitra, Chapter 1) Reading Assignment

  • Discrete-Time Signals and Systems (Mitra, Chapter 2)

  • Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (Mitra, Chapter 3)

  • Digital Processing of Continuous-Time Signals (Mitra, Chapter 4)

  • Finite-Length Discrete Transforms (Mitra, Chapter 5)

  • z-Transform (Mitra, Chapter 6)

  • LTI Discrete-Time Systems in the Transform Domain (Mitra, Chapter 7)

  • Digital Filter Structures (Mitra, Chapter 8)

  • IIR Digital Filter Design (Mitra, Chapter 9)

  • FIR Digital Filter Design (Mitra, Chapter 10)

  • Applications of Digital Signal Processing (Mitra, 15)


           Examples of Typical Signals


Seismic and Hydro-Acoustic Tremor Generated by Colliding Icebergs

(courtesy of Dr. Rick Aster, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, NMT)

Seismic signal

Tremor location


Using a Cold Earth Surface Target to Characterize Long-Term Stability of the MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands

(courtesy of Dr. Brian N. Wenny & Dr. Xiaoxiong Xiong, Science Systems and Applications,Inc.)

Temperature trend

Temperature location


Automatic Image Registration of Hyperspectral Imagery

(courtesy of Dr. Glenn J. Fitzgerald, U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Unregistered spectral images

Registered images





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