EE 333

Electricity & Magnetism

Fall 2015

Instructor: Prof. Bond; Office: 225 Workman; (505) 835-5411:

Schedule: 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM   M,W,F in Cramer 120

This course builds on the electrical concepts presented in your physics courses. Maxwell's equations, which describe these phenomena, are postulated and then related to the empirical relationships discussed in physics.

These equations are then used to solve problems having to do with things such as:

  1. The electric field produced by various charge distributions

  2. The magnetic field produced by electric current and time varying Electric fields

  3. Forces on charges and current carrying structures due to electric and magnetic fields

  4. Electromagnetic wave propagation in free space and material media

  5. Wave propagation along two conductor transmission lines

  6. Energy storage in electric fields

  7. Forces and torques in electrostatic systems

Much of the course will be dealing with mathematical descriptions of the above phenomena, but the goal is for physical understanding. For more details click here.

Course Structure:

Homework will be given on a weekly basis and graded. The class will divided into groups for purposes of homework. Each group will submit one set of homework problems for the whole group. All members of the homework group will receive the same grade. This grade will account for ten to fifteen percent of the semester grade. Each individual should look at the homework on an individual basis, and then the group should meet to complete the problems and prepare the work to be handed in. Each group should assign individuals the tasks of coordinator, scribe, checker, and devil's advocate on a rotating basis.

There will be three tests plus a final.

Homework Solutions

Solutions for Practice Test 1

Solutions for Practice Test 2