Scott W.Teare
Electrical Engineering Department
New Mexico Tech
office: 223 Workman Center
lab: 220 Workman Center

tel: 575-835-5839 (office)
fax: 575-835-5332

email: teare at nmt dot edu

Mailing Address:
Dept of Electrical Engineering
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801-4796 USA

Professor Teare received his Ph.D. in physics while in Canada from the University of Guelph for work on quantum well, heterojunction, electronic devices. He is currently Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at New Mexico Tech and the program chair for the Optical Science and Engineering program. He served as the department chair of Electrical Engineering from 2004 through 2010. He is also a research scientist with the Energetic Materials Research and Test Center at New Mexico Tech.

Professor Teare is a Fellow of SPIE, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Senior Member of the Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) and a member (P.Phys) of the Canadian Association of Physicists. He has published more than 100 scientific and engineering articles; co-authored the SPIE Tutorial Series Text "Introduction to Image Stabilization", and has been awarded 4 US Patents 7869058, 8452574, 8725471, and 8907260.

Professor Teare volunteers with ABET, the organization that accredits engineering programs, and has served as a program evaluator (PEV) and a PEV Mentor. He is currently a Team Chair and ABET Commissioner representing SPIE for the 2014-2015 evaluation cycle.

Current Research:

    Professor Teare is actively involved in the development of novel instrumentation that uses light and sound to improve imaging, sensing and measurement of physical phenomenon. Topics of interest include: adaptive optics, spectroscopy, interferometry, optical thin films, shock physics, and ballistics. Active projects include:

  • Developing instrumentation to evaluate the breakdown voltage of energetic powders;

  • Editing a manuscript on Liquid Crystal Devices

  • Developing ballistic simulators; and conversion of firearm pressure testing methods.






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