Dr. Aly El-Osery ee

Last Updated: April 11 2011

EE 570: Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering

Location and Navigation: Theory & Practice

Instructors in order of presentation

  • Prof. Kevin Wedeward
  • Dr. Stephen Bruder
  • Prof. Aly El-Osery

Required Textbook:

Paul Groves, Principles of GNSS, Inertial, and Multisensor Integrated Navigation Systems, Artech House, 2008.

Recommended Software:

MATLAB Student Version


Friday 1pm - 4pm in WorkC 117

Course Description:

This course will cover the basics of terrestrial location and navigation with an emphasis on practical exposure to the technology. In particular, the class will collaborate on the design, integration, and testing of a UGV or UAV.
Key components of the course include: GPS fundamentals; an overview of inertial navigation technology; principles of strapdown inertial navigation systems including coordinate frames, attitude representation, and mechanization in various coordinate frames; sensor technology covering a wide range of accelerometers and gyroscopes; sensor specifications and characterization; testing and calibration approaches; effects of inertial sensor error and compensation methods; and introduction to unmanned systems; analysis of real sensor data and simulation and modeling using MATLAB/Simulink.

Topics Covered:

  1. Navigation Mathematics
    • Introduction to Navigation
    • Coordinate frames
    • Kinematics
    • Earth surface and Gravity
    • Frame Transformations
  2. Navigation Sensors and INS Mechanization
    • Accelerometers
    • Gyroscopes
    • Error Characteristics
    • Inertial Navigation Equations
  3. INS/GPS Integration
    • GPS
    • Kalman Filtering
    • Integration Architectures
    • System Model
    • Measurement Model
  4. System Example


  • Homeworks: 30%
  • 3 Mini-projects: 10% each
  • Final project and report: 30%
  • Class Participation: 10%