EE 434

Electromagnetic Wave Transmission

Spring 2016

Instructor: Prof. Bond; Office: 225 Workman; x5411:

Schedule: 1:00 AM - 1:50 PM M,W,F  in Wier 132

This course applies field theory concepts developed in EE 333 to the following practical systems:

In the various transmission systems we will look at propagation rate (phase and group), attenuation, dispersion, and reflection. In a general fashion, we will analyze both transient and steady state behavior of these transmission systems.

The antenna portion of the course will deal with techniques for finding the radiation fields of various antenna types. We will then define and calculate directivity, gain, radiated or received power and antenna input impedance. After dealing with single antennas the course will look at the results of combining multiple antennas into arrays.

Much of the course will be dealing with mathematical descriptions of the above phenomena, but the goal is for physical understanding.

Course Structure:

Homework will be given on a regular basis and graded.  Late homework may or may not be graded, and will not count toward the semester's grade.

There will be three tests plus a final with the final exam being worth about 1.3 times the value of the other individual tests.

Homework Solutions:

SampleTest1 Solutions