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Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801

Office: Workman 209
Phone: 575-835-5932
Email: sihua.shao AT

Dr. Sihua Shao currently serves as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering at New Mexico Tech. He obtains the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering and the Hashimoto Prize for best doctoral dissertation from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2018.. He is also a faculty hire with the New Mexico SMART Grid Center. His research areas involve wireless communication and networking with primary interest in visible light communication and positioning. His current research efforts focus on retro-reflective visible light communication, reinforcement and deep learning in intelligent reflecting surface aided wireless network, and ultra-low-power backscatter communication.

➤ [Jun. 2022] Our paper "Hybrid UGV and Drone System for Mine Rescue Assistance" is accepted to appear in AIAA AVIATION Forum 2022.
➤ [Apr. 2022] Our paper "Retro-VLP: Towards Single Light Source-based Real-time Indoor Positioning" is accepted to appear in ICICS 2022.
➤ [Feb. 2022] Our paper "Self-optimizing Data Offloading in Mobile Heterogeneous Radio-Optical Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach" is accepted to appear in IEEE Network.
➤ [Nov. 2021] Dr. Shao is serving on the Technical Program Committee (TPC) for SPPCom 2022.
➤ [Oct. 2021] Our paper "UAV Assisted Cellular Networks With Renewable Energy Charging Infrastructure: A Reinforcement Learning Approach" is accepted to appear in IEEE MILCOM 2021.
➤ [Oct. 2021] Our paper "Optimal Discrete Constellation Inputs for Aggregated LiFi-WiFi Networks" is accepted to appear in IEEE Transactions on Wirelss Communication.

Research Interests
➤ Visible light communication and positioning

➤ Backscatter communication in Internet-of-Things

➤ Machine learning in IRS-aided wireless network
➤ 5G and microgrid security

New Mexico Tech

Electrical Engineering

E-mail:sihua.shao AT  

Phone: 575-835-5932