Tenure-track Assistant Professor at New Mexico Tech (NMT)

NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering Research Initiation Initiative (CRII), 2023
Principal Investigator, CRII: CNS: Integrated Sensing and Communication with Optical Wireless: A Retro-reflective Link Design (CNS-2245747), October 2023 - September 2025 (Amount: $174,999)

NSF Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC), 2023
Principal Investigator, SCC-PG: Sustainable Vertiports for Bringing Autonomous Drone Swarm Inspection to Oil and Gas Industry Community (CNS-2323050), October 2023 - September 2024 (Amount: $149,999)

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), 2022
Senior Personnel, REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates – Emerging Issues in Cybersecurity, National Science Foundation (CNS-2150145), Feburary 2022 - January 2025 (Amount: $405,000)

Underground Mine Evacuation Technologies and Human Factors Research, 2021
Co-Principal Investigator, Design and demonstration of intelligent mine evacuation and mine rescue system, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (U60 OH012351-01), September 2021 - August 2025 (Amount: $4,000,000)

New Mexico EPSCoR SMART Grid Center Infrastructure Seed Award Program, 2021
Principal Investigator, Track 1: Securing Smart Grid Enabled Home Area Networks with Retro-reflective Visible Light Communication, June 2021 - May 2022 (Amount: $50,000)

NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), 2020
Faculty Hire, RII Track-1: The New Mexico SMART Grid Center: Sustainable, Modular, Adaptive, Resilient, and Transactive, National Science Foundation (OIA-1757207), August 2020 - August 2023 (Amount: $250,000)

Ph.D. student and Post Doctoral Research Associate at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

NSF Computer and Network Systems (CNS) Core Programs, 2017
Senior Personnel, US Ignite: Focus Area 1: Fast Autonomic Traffic Congestion Monitoring and Incident Detection through Advanced Networking, Edge Computing, and Video Analytics
January 2017 – December 2019

NSF Computer and Network Systems (CNS) Core Programs, 2016
Senior Personnel, NeTS: Small: Coexistence of Directional Communications within 5G: The Case for Visible Light Enhanced Small-Cells
October 2016 – September 2019

NSF Engineering Education and Center (EEC) Programs, 2016
Senior Personnel, REU Site: Optics and photonics: Technologies, Systems, and Devices
May 2016 – April 2019

NSF NJIT I-Corps Site Mini-Grants, 2015
Senior Personnel, Battery-free device for connecting everything to the Internet through the light
September 2015 – March 2016

New Mexico Tech

Electrical Engineering

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