EE 212: Circuits & Signals II

Instructor: Kevin Wedeward, office: Workman 221, phone: 835-5708, e-mail:, web-page:

Class Time/Place: MWF 10:00am-10:50am in Speare 113

Office Hours: MWF 09:00am-10:00am, 11:00am-12:00pm

Textbook: Engineering Circuit Analysis, 7th Edition, by William H. Hayt, Jack Kemmerly, and Steven M. Durbin

Prerequisite: EE 211 (Circuits and Signals I)

Corequisite: EE 212L (Circuits and Signals II Lab)

Objective: Build upon those concepts presented in EE 211 for time-domain analysis of linear circuits and gain an understanding of

Topics: Chapters 10-18 of textbook


Reading Assignments:

Additional Resources:



  1. Example 1: Complex Number Calculations and Plots in Matlab (Interactive)
  2. Example 2: Complex Number Calculations and Plots in Matlab (M-file)
  3. Example 3: Plotting Sinusoids and using Subplot in Matlab (M-file)
  4. Example 4: Plotting Frequency Response by Multiple Methods using Matlab (M-file)
  5. Example 5: Plotting Frequency Response of 10(s+10)/(s+50) using Matlab (Interactive)
  6. Example 6: Plotting Trigonometric Fourier Series using Matlab