Fall 1998 Schedule: MWF 01:00pm-01:50pm in Workman 113

Instructor: Kevin Wedeward, Office: Workman 221, Phone: (505)835-5708, email:, homepage:

Office Hours: MTWF 02:00pm-03:00pm and by appointment

Course Objectives: Develop an understanding of

Course Prerequisite: EE342 (Linear Systems II)

Topic Prerequisites:

  1. Matrix algebra.
  2. Linear constant-coefficient differential equations.
  3. Laplace transform.
  4. System dynamic responses.
  5. Matlab.

Required Texts:

  1. "Modern Control Systems, 8th ed." by Richard Dorf and Robert Bishop.
  2. "Modern Control Systems Analysis & Design Using Matlab & Simulink" by Robert Bishop.


  1. Introduction to control systems. (Chapter 1)
  2. Classical models of physical systems. (Chapter 2)
  3. State-space models of linear systems. (Chapter 3)
  4. Characteristics of linear feedback control systems. (Chapter 4)
  5. Performance of linear feedback control systems. (Chapter 5)
  6. Stability of linear feedback control systems. (Chapter 6)
  7. Root locus approach to controller design. (Chapter 7)
  8. Classical controller design. (Chapter 10)
  9. State-space controller design. (Chapter 11)

Reading Assignments:

  1. Chapter 1.
  2. Sections 2.1-2.6, Review Appendices A and F.
  3. Sections 2.8-2.12.
  4. Chapter 3.
  5. Chapter 4.
  6. Chapter 5.
  7. Chapter 6.
  8. Chapter 7.
  9. Sections 10.1-10.3, 10.5-10.7, 10.16
  10. Chapter 11.

Homework: Homework will be assigned, collected, and graded on a weekly basis. You are encouraged to work with other students as long as the written work turned in is your own.

  1. PS1 due BOC W 09/02/98
  2. PS2 due BOC W 09/09/98
  3. PS3 due BOC W 09/16/98: Problems P2.29, P2.36a,c,d, P2.45, P2.50; Design Problem CDP2.1 (model slide and drive bar as cylindrical shell?); Matlab Problems MP2.4, MP2.6
  4. PS4 due BOC F 09/25/98: E3.4, E3.10, E3.11, E3.16, E3.17 (note currents through inductors and voltages across capacitors are state variables in electrical circuits), P3.17, P3.18 (show how you would find transfer function by hand, then use matlab's ss2tf to compute), MP3.1c, MP3.6, MP3.7
  5. PS5 due BOC F 10/02/98: E4.1, E4.4, E4.7, P4.5, P4.6, MP4.3, MP4.7
  6. PS6 due BOC W 10/21/98: E5.5, E5.9, E5.12, E5.14 (compare OS,t_p, t_r), P5.2, DP5.1 (use K values in (b) for parts (c) and (d) also)
  7. PS7 due BOC W 11/04/98: E6.1, E6.4, E6.6, E6.10, E6.12, E6.16, E6.21, P6.10, MP6.6
  8. PS8 due BOC W 11/11/98: E7.10, E7.15, P7.28 (sketch root locus by and with matlab, predict PO and ts), DP7.11 (use all three K values for parts (b),(c)), MP7.6
  9. PS9 due BOC W 11/25/98: P10.5, P10.6, MP10.6a,b (neglect specification 2), MP10.7
  10. PS10 due BOC M 12/07/98: E11.3, E11.4, E11.5, P11.16, AP11.4, DP11.4, MP11.5



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