Spring 2000 Schedule: MWF 10:00am-10:50am in Weir 208

Instructor: Kevin Wedeward, Office: Workman 221, Phone: (505)835-5708, email:, homepage:

Office Hours: MWF 11:00am-12:00pm and by appointment

Grader: Julie Wiens

Course Objectives: Develop an understanding of

These topics of study will be the basis for later courses in control theory and digital signal processing.

Course Prerequisites:

Topic Prerequisites:

  1. Linear time-invariant systems.
  2. Continuous-time signals.
  3. Frequency-domain transforms.

Required Text: Signal Processing and Linear Systems by B.P. Lathi

Topics: The following chapters and topics in the text will be covered:

  1. Chpt. 5: Sampling
  2. Chpt. 8: Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
  3. Chpt. 9: Time-Domain Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems
  4. Chpt. 10: Fourier Analysis of Discrete-Time Signals
  5. Chpt. 11: Discrete-Time System Analysis Using the z-Transform
  6. Chpt. 12: Digital Filters (as time permits)

Reading Assignments:

  1. Chpt. 8
  2. Sect. 9.1-9.3
  3. Sect. 9.4, 9.6-9.8
  4. Sect. 10.1-10.4
  5. Sect. 5.1
  6. Sect. 5.2-5.5, 10.5, 10.6
  7. Sect. 10.7, 10.8
  8. Sect. 11.1-11.3

Homework: Homework will be assigned, collected, and graded on approximately a weekly basis. You are encouraged to work with other students as long as the written work turned in is your own.

  1. Problem Set (PS) 1 due BOC W 01/26/00
  2. PS2 due BOC W 02/02/00: P8.2-5a,c,d (just find fundamental range frequency Omega_f), P8.2-7a,d, P8.2-8, P8.2-9a,c, P8.2-10, P8.2-11, P8.3-1, P8.3-2, P8.3-3, P8.4-1, P8.4-4a,c
  3. PS3 due BOC W 02/09/00
  4. PS4 due BOC W 02/16/00: P9.2-1, P9.2-2, P9.2-3, P9.3-2, P9.3-3
  5. PS5 due BOC W 02/23/00
  6. PS6 due BOC M 03/06/00
  7. PS7 due BOC W 03/22/00
  8. PS8 due BOC W 03/29/00
  9. PS9 and associated data file tones.dat due BOC W 04/05/00
  10. PS10 due F 04/07/00: Compute and plot DFT spectra versus frequency in Hz of total tones data file from PS9 using matlab's built in fft() function. Comment on the frequency content and computation speed versus those observed with your dft() function.
  11. PS11 due W 04/19/00:
    • Find ZT and corresponding ROC by definition for f[k] = delta[k], f[k] = delta[k - 1], and f[k] = (1/5)k u[k - 3].
    • P11.1-1 a,b
  12. PS12 due BOC W 04/26/00: P11.1-2, P11.1-4 (find specified values by hand and with matlab), P11.2-2, P11.2-3
  13. PS13 due BOC W 05/03/00: P11.1-3b,e,f,g,i, P11.3-5, P11.3-6, P11.3-10, P11.3-12, P11.3-13

Exams: Two exams during regular class periods and one final exam will be given.


Example M-Files: