EE 308 Labs

Schedule for Fall 2009

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You are responsible for preparing for and completing the labs, including material which may not have been covered in class. This is a university environment, and you are expected to have the maturity to research and read all material you will need. If you don't understand something, ask for help. There are numerous resources available to you -- faculty, TA's, lab manager, etc. -- and we are all eager to help you succeed. However, you must take in initiative to seek help when you need it.

Note: The lab handouts are in Adobe Acrobat format. You need to open them using a PDF reader program. A free program is available from Adobe:
Title Pre-Lab Supplementary
Lab 1 Introduction to the MC9S12 Microcontroller
--- Assembler and Monitor
Jan. 26, 28
Lab 2 Assembly Language Programming and 9S12 Ports Pre-Lab Part 1
Pre-Lab Part 2
Pre-Lab Part 3

Feb. 2, 4
Feb. 9, 11
Feb. 16, 18
Lab 3 C Language Programming, Interrupts and Timer Hardware Pre-Lab Part 1
Pre-Lab Part 2
Pre-Lab Part 3

Feb. 23, 25
Mar. 2, 4
Mar. 16, 18
Lab 4 MC9S12 Hardware: Timers, PWM, A/D Converter Pre-Lab Part 1
Pre-Lab Part 2
Pre-Lab Part 3

DS 1307 Data Sheet
Mar. 23, 25
Mar. 30, Apr. 1
Apr. 6, 8
Lab 5 Final Project: Interfacing and Motor Control Pre-Lab Part 1


Apr. 13. 15
Apr. 20, 22
Apr. 27, 29
Makeup Makeup

May 4, 6