EE544: Control Theory

Fall 2005 Schedule: MWF 09:00am-09:50am in Workman 117

Instructor: Kevin Wedeward, Office: Workman 221, Phone: 835-5708, e-mail:, web-page:

Office Hours: MWF 10:00am - 12:00pm and by appointment

Textbook: Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 4th edition, by Gene F. Franklin, J. David Powell, and Abbas Emami-Naeini

Prerequisites: Courses in and/or knowledge of Laplace Transforms, Complex Numbers, Linear Algebra, and Ordinary Differential Equations

Software: Textbook and classroom examples will utilize Matlab

Description: EE544 is a four credit course intended for advanced engineering students who are interested in learning the principles of feedback control, linear control system analysis techniques, and linear control system design methods.

Objective: Develop an understanding of



Reading Assignments:


Quizzes and Other Coursework:

Matlab Examples: