ES 332: Electrical Engineering

Instructor: Kevin Wedeward, office: Workman 221, phone: 835-5708, e-mail:, web-page:

Class Time/Place: MWF from 11:00AM-11:50AM in MSEC 105

Office Hours: MWF from 09:00AM-11:00AM

Help Sessions: TWR from 06:00PM-08:00PM in Workman 116


References (other textbooks commonly used):

Prerequisites: PHYS 122 and MATH 335

Description: ES 332 (Electrical Engineering) presents fundamental topics of electrical engineering to non-majors. Topics include circuit elements (sources, resistors, inductors, capacitors and operational amplifiers), laws (KVL and KCL), analysis (mesh, nodal, DC, AC and general), power and digital systems (binary numbers, combinational logic and information processing). The course will cover material taken from chapters 1-5, 11-15 of the text.


Reading Assignments:

Homework Assignments:

  1. Due M 01/24/2011: Problems 1.7, 1.10. Scan of problems.
  2. Due F 01/28/2011: Problems 1.25d (also find power absorbed by all four elements), 1.26c (also find power absorbed by all four elements), 1.26d, 1.27c. Scan of problems.
  3. Due M 02/07/2011: Problems 1.30 (also find equivalent resistance connected to source), 1.49a, 1.50a. Scan of problems.
  4. Due F 02/11/2011: Problems 2.2, 2.10, 2.59c via nodal analysis. Scan of problems.
  5. Due W 02/16/2011: Assign and find clockwise mesh currents, and then find any elements' variables labeled in figures P2.1, P2.10, P2.60. Scan of problems.
  6. Due F 02/25/2011: Problems 5.64, 5.65. Scan of problems.
  7. Due W 03/02/2011: Handout.
  8. Due W 03/09/2011: Problems 3.30, 3.37, 3.45. For all problems: don't find differential equation, note u(t) is step function, and find time constant which is helpful with sketches. Scan of problems.
  9. Due W 03/23/2011: Handout. Scan of problems.
  10. Due M 03/28/2011: Problems 4.1c, f, g; 4.2c, f, g; 4.3c; 4.4c; 4.5c; 4.7 (use AC analysis to find vo; don't do other parts). Scan of problems.
  11. Due W 04/06/2011: Problems 4.12c, 4.13c, 4.17 (find vo via your method of choice). Scan of problems.
  12. Due M 04/11/2011: Problems 4.28c, 4.29. For both problems find the average and reactive power absorbed by each element as well as the rms value of the source. Scan of problems.
  13. Due F 04/15/2011: Problems 4.42, 4.43, 4.48, 4.50. Scan of problems.
  14. Due W 04/20/2011: Problems 4.61, 4.62, 2.27a. Scan of problems.
  15. Due W 04/27/2011: Problems 2.31a, 2.34a, 3.77, 4.21. Scan of problems.
  16. Due W 05/04/2011: Problems 11.1 (also show dec and hex values); 11.2a,b; 11.3a,b; 13.31 (include circuit, I/O table, and resolution). Scan of problems.