EE 491 Sping 2011

Spacecraft Instrumentation

Class hours and location: Monday and Wednesday 8:30-9:45,
Workman 116 (digital lab)

Lab hours and location: by arrangement
Office hours: M 13-14, Tuesday 8-17 by appointment

Dr. Anders M. Jorgensen
Workman 227,



Documents (For team members only) NOTE: All Documents are now available on the repository on assembla. This directory is no longer updated.

Instrument Schedule (Tentative, updated continuously)


Miscelaneous links

Progress reports

Meeting Schedule

Homework due
1Jan 18Planning meeting (Workman 205, 9:30)
2Jan 19The Sun and the Earth
Homework assignment 1: Preliminary design
3Jan 24Switching power supplies
Preliminary design discussion
4Jan 26Mechanical Engineering team introduction
Preliminary design wrap-up
Initial discussion of detailed design
5Jan 31Detailed design discussion
6Feb 2Class canceled due to weatherHW 2: Power and PC board area (postponed to Feb 7)
7Feb 7Gather power and PC board area information.
Discuss multisim layouts and node naming.
Make hardware and multisim assignments.
HW 3: Multisim circuit schematics
8Feb 9Discuss multisim schematics
Division of work: CPU software, PCB design, subsystems hardware test
Review schematics posted in progress reports
9Feb 14TBD
10Feb 16Brian Zufelt, COSMIAC
SPA-1 training via Skype
(Location: Meet in Cramer 131, Rob Hepler's office)
11Feb 21Brian Zufelt and Craig Kief, COSMIAC
SPA-1 training
12Feb 23ITAR regulations
progress reports
HW 4: CPU/Software, Hardware test, PCB layout
13Feb 28Status reports:
1. CPU/CPU software
2. Hardware testing/prototyping
3. PCB Layout
4. Components/purchasing
14Mar 2PCB Layout discussion
FS/SPA design discussion
15Mar 7PCB Layout discussion
FS/SPA design discussion
16Mar 9LT 1945
Power discussion
FS/SPA design discussion
17Mar 21--
18Mar 23--
19Mar 28--
20Mar 30--
21Apr 4--
22Apr 6PCB layout final discussion
Remaining to-do items
Calibration scans
23Apr 11Schedule
Remaining to-do items
DAC scan values