EE 382: Introduction to Design


Instructor: Kevin Wedeward, office: Workman 221, phone: x5708, e-mail:, web-page:

Class Time/Place: TR 02:00pm-05:00pm in MSEC 101 (for lectures and presentations) and Workman 117 (for work on project).

Prerequisites: EE308, EE308L, EE321, EE321L, EE333, EE341, and have declared electrical engineering as a major

Course Description: Introduction to Design provides a more formal look at engineering design to include the design process and its management, organization of project teams, communication of the outcome, and ethical obligations. Students will be divided into teams and tasked with a design problem which they will address using principles of engineering design.

Course Objectives:

  1. Gain appreciation for, and knowledge of, engineering design.
  2. Learn to design and conduct experiments, and analyze and interpret data to characterize components and verify design.
  3. Learn to communicate outcomes through oral and written reports.
  4. Develop skills to work effectively as a design team.
  5. Become aware of professional obligations and codes of ethics.

Project: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Schedule and Grading:



  1. Joshua Aragon, Nikos Arechiga, Patrick Leahy, Ryan Schlegel
  2. Matthew Aurand, Teague Bick, James Castillo, Vanessa Salas
  3. Dominic Candelaria, Scott Freund, Ian Johnson, James Smith
  4. Brian Kamer, Andrew Ronquillo, Lucas Uecker, Cody Winclechter
  5. Jennifer Leue, Austin Silva, Will Taylor, Alejandro Valdivia