EE 322 Spring 2011

Advance Analog Electronics

Class hours and location: Monday and Wednesday 10:00-10:50, Speare 113
Wednesday 13:00-13:50, Workman 117
Occasionally Friday 10:00-10:50, Speare 113

Office hours: Monday 13-14, Tuesday by appointment

Dr. Anders M. Jorgensen
Workman 227,

Course Syllabus


Laboratory exercises

Updated schedule (Look here for the latest schedule and changes)

HH=Horowitz & Hill, SS=Sedra & Smith, RM=Ron Mancini
Linear and switching voltage regulators
1Wed Jan 19HH 6.0-6.4Course Introduction, 723 regulator--
2Fri Jan 21HH 6.0-6.4723 regulator--
3Mon Jan 24HH 6.5-6.10, 6.16High current, circuit protection, fixed monolithic regulators--Lab 1
Circuit simulation
4Wed Jan 26HH 6.11-6.18Adjustable monolithic regulators, rest of DC supply circuit--
5Wed Jan 26HH 6.19
Handout 1
Handout 2
Switching regulators--
6Mon Jan 31--Lab 2
Linear regulator
Oscillators, Comparators, and timers
7Wed Feb 2
Classes canceled because NMT is closed
8Wed Feb 2
9Fri Feb 4
10Mon Feb7SS 8.1-8.2, 8.10
handout 3
Feedback stabilityHW 1
Lab 3
Switching regulator
11Wed Feb 9SS 13.1-13.2Sinusoidal oscillatorsHW 2
12Wed Feb 9HH 5.17, 5.19Wien bridge oscillator
Crystal oscillators
13Mon Feb 14SS 13.4-13.5
HH 229-232
SS 13.6-13.7
No classes this week. Study the following topics on your own
Lab as usual
I will arrange to be available via Skype, details to be announced

Bistable, astable, and monostable multivibrators
555 timer
--Lab 4
Sine wave generators
14Wed Feb 16HW 3: SS13.18
15Wed Feb 16
16Mon Feb 21--Review of material from Feb 14-16--Lab 5
Comparators, waveform generators
17Wed Feb 23--Exam 1 preparationHW 4: SS13.24, SS13.26, SS13.27, SS13.30, SS13.34, SS13.39
18Wed Feb 23--Review of material from Feb 14-16
19Fri Feb 25--Example exam problems
20Mon Feb 28HH 284-294Voltage-controlled oscillator--Lab 6
555 timer
21Wed Mar 2--Exam 1
Help sheet
Active filters
22Web Mar 2SS 12.0-12.3Active filters--
23Fri Mar 4--DiscussionHW 5: SS13.33, SS13.40
24Mon Mar 7SS 12.4-12.51st and 2nd order filters--Lab 7
Filter transfer functions with Matlab
(class will take place in the DSP lab, Workman 187)
25Wed Mar 9HH 5.00-5.07Filters based on VCVSHW 6: SS 12.9, SS 12.17
26Wed Mar 9--Discussion
--Mon Mar 14
Spring Break
--Wed Mar 16
--Wed Mar 16
27Mon Mar 21SS 12.7-12.8Bi-quadratic filters--Lab 8
VCVS active filters
28 Wed Mar 23--
Phase-locked loops
29Wed Mar 23HH 9.27-9.31Phase-locked loops--
--Fri Mar 25--NO CLASSHW 7: SS 12.48, SS 12.49
30Mon Mar 28Wikipedia pagePhase-locked loops--Lab 9
Phase-locked loops
31Wed Mar 30RM 147-169
HH 428-438
HH 445-455
32Wed Mar 30--Exam 2 preparation
33Mon Apr 4RM 123-145Current-feedback op-amp, compared to voltage feedback op-amps--Lab 10
Current feedback op-amps
34Wed Apr 6--Exam 2
HW 8: assignment
35Wed Apr 6SS 8.10-8.12Stability
36Mon Apr 11RM 101-121
application note
Voltage feedback op-amp stability--Lab 11
Current-feedback op-amps
Differential amplifiers and multi-stage amplifiers
37Wed Apr 13SS 7.3BJT differential pair--
38Wed Apr 13SS 7.7.2BJT two-stage amplifier
--Fri Apr 15----HW 9: SS 8.73, 8.75, 8.76
(Due by 4 PM either in my EE mailbox or via e-mail)
39Mon Apr 18--Exam 3 preparation--Lab 12 (part 1)
Discrete component op-amp
40Wed Apr 20--Exam 3
HW 10: SS 7.24, 7.40
--Wed Apr 20--NO CLASS
41Mon Apr 25SS 7.7.2Two-stage BJT op-amp--Lab 13 (part 2)
Discrete component op-amp
42Wed Apr 27SS 7.1, 6.12MOS differential pairHW 11: SS 7.98
--Wed Apr 27--NO CLASS
43Mon May 2HH 7.22-7.25Interference, grounding, and guarding--
44Wed May 4--Exam 4 preparation--
45Tue May 10
1:30-2:30 PM
Speare 113
--Exam 4