EE 521 Fall 2006

Course syllabus

Instructions for research paper
Paper due dates: November 25 if you are presenting November 27, December 2 if you are presenting December 4 or December 6.
Paper grading: 2/3 written paper, 1/3 presentation. Presentation graded by peers. Evaluation form.
Please limit presentations to no more than 25 minutes to allow time for questions and changeover.

Instructions for lab 1 Data set for lab 1: Binary and ASCII text (Due October 2, 2006) (Due Data extended to October 9, 2006)
Reference: Short et al. (2003) paper
Data Sheet: CO-2K data sheet

Instructions for lab 2 Data files for lab 2: Reference file and Measuring file (Due November 13, 2006)
Reference: Jorgensen et al. (2006) paper
Alternate data file links: reference.dat, and measuring.dat